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merlin's News

Posted by merlin - October 21st, 2017

Go check it out, and let me know what you think!



Best regards,



Posted by merlin - July 23rd, 2016

Well look at that!


First new song in far, far too long.

Posted by merlin - June 7th, 2012

So The Protomen have a tradition of arm wrestling their fans wherever they go. The only undefeated member was the commander until 2010 when I beat him right handed at pax prime. He's gone unmatched both right and left handed.

The next year at pax prime, I had no idea what I was in for. He had trained, and vowed to beat me, and he did.

This year I got my redemption, and we once again stand on equal ground, me winning with my primary hand, him with his.

Also, after many moons of anticipation, a starter development team for the xbla has released a teaser trailer for a game that is using one of my songs.

Take a look!

>in before castle crashers

The song being used is Save My Life


Posted by merlin - October 13th, 2011

So a few newgrounds regulars and myself have started playing a retro oldschool game for the PC called Ultima Online. The game originated in the 90s, and was the very first online only MMO ever made.

Today you can play it for free on many different PLAYER RUN servers called "Shards"

Come join Cast SineRider GoodFish myself, and many more!

More information on the game, installation, and even the Newgrounds Guild can be found IN THE UO THREAD ON THE NG FORUMS

Once again, the game is entirely free, and a lot of the newgrounders playing this shard have gone out of their way to bring the closeness of the NG comunity to the realm of Ultima Online. Any newgrounder can join, and we'll let you in the guild right away. We're in the works of setting up a massive collection of items for the guild, so why not start a game that is addictive, fun, intense, and rewarding! The newgrounds town we're building is getting more impressive by each day.

Here are some screen shots taken by NG members, of some of the fun we've been having!

Feel free to PM me or comment here if you have any questions!

Also check out my songs.

Newgrounds Community for Ultima Online

Posted by merlin - September 11th, 2011

Is a fresh, new, and awesome fast paced song for the background during your big fight scene.

Check out Sapphire Tears Magnetic Remix at your local audio portal.

You're also a big dumb faggot if you don't use this song. I know I am!

Posted by merlin - August 28th, 2011

So I went to PAX prime again this year, and thought I'd tell all you poor unfortunate people how awesome it was.

It was pretty awesome.

I got to finally meet Mr Thomas J. Fulp although I'm pretty sure he had no idea who I was at all. Thanks Tom.

I also got to meet up with Rig for a first time. We've often talked in stickam, but never in person. He's got an amazing game released on steam called Solar 2 I highly suggest you check it out. It's ridiculously innovative, and of course has an amazing soundtrack and sound effects by none other than Rig himself.

For the second year in a row, I met up with Maury and we got lunch with Rig. In a very ironic turn of events, I was even able to snag a custom made Pyramid Head plush that she made for somebody who never came up to get it.

I released a few new songs last week, so go check them out if you haven't yet.


Posted by merlin - August 7th, 2011

If I were Governor, I would kick that kitty.

Running for office

Posted by merlin - July 16th, 2011

I liked this.

Check out my songs too.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Posted by merlin - June 24th, 2011

Hey guys. I'm calling out to all Animators and Programmers who are looking for a robotic style song to use in their animation or game. Sadly I'm already booked to make at least one song for another project, so I wont be able to do a custom song for your animation or video, but I do have a few songs from over the years that I would be honored to have featured in a RD2011 flash.

Prodigal for me

If I had Lungs
(This song is about being a robot)

You Do It To Yourself

Land Locked (Pulse Remix)

All of these songs have words/lyrics/singing with a vocoder (think Daft Punk's Human After All album) and should fit nicely into a robot movie or game. If you're looking for something that's just instrumental, feel free to brows over any of my other tracks, or check out the Audio Portal. Many GREAT musicians and producers are waiting to be discovered.

Happy RD2011, and look both ways before crossing the street. Also, don't run with scissors.


Posted by merlin - March 9th, 2011

I proudly present my first song of the year.

Prodigal for me

I know it's very rare to find a song on newgrounds that has original lyrics, and actual words in the song to go with it, and even less common to find one that's actually decent to listen to. I hope that this song can fill both roles for you. So please listen, and let me know what you think, and please tell a friend!

This is the first song since You do it to yourself to rival the style and epicness of my first big newgrounds hit, Land Locked

Also, if you haven't already, check out just kill me now and submit an embarrassing story for everyone to read!