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PROTOMEN/Song in a game for the xbla!

2012-06-07 00:38:23 by merlin

So The Protomen have a tradition of arm wrestling their fans wherever they go. The only undefeated member was the commander until 2010 when I beat him right handed at pax prime. He's gone unmatched both right and left handed.

The next year at pax prime, I had no idea what I was in for. He had trained, and vowed to beat me, and he did.

This year I got my redemption, and we once again stand on equal ground, me winning with my primary hand, him with his.

Also, after many moons of anticipation, a starter development team for the xbla has released a teaser trailer for a game that is using one of my songs.

Take a look!

>in before castle crashers

The song being used is Save My Life



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2012-06-07 02:14:43

Castle Crashers 2 - Heroes of mythology, looks fun though.

Also nice work on getting a song into a game.


2012-06-07 09:27:09

congrats on the songage


2014-02-12 03:15:32

You're a beautiful person. Landlocked is my favorite song ever. You're really funny too. That time when you opologised to Wade.... oh man. Dude...