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2009-07-29 15:37:42 by merlin

Two weeks in a row that I've ended up on the front page of the audio portal. My thanks goes out to EVERYONE that helped. It wasn't me or my song alone that got me there. I'm so grateful for any fans I have, and anyone that favs me or my songs. I hope I can continue to make great songs that you can get down to!

If you haven't heard it yet, here's the song that won 5th place on best of the week. /258349


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has listened to my music due to my song "If I Had Lungs" getting the front page on the audio portal, under greatest songs of all time. (The song would have been titled "Lungs" if it weren't already taken) It's really flattering, and I have to be honest, I'm a little sad that this song was chosen over some of my others! So if you stumble upon "If I had Lungs" or my user page, then go ahead and take an ear gander at a newer song! If you like Lungs, then you'd probably love "Land Locked" (which I am more proud of) As far as instrumental songs go, my most popular song before Lungs was "Sapphire Tears" And currently, my favorite piece that I've composed is "Torngia (I can't wait forever)" So once again, thanks to everyone that made this happen, and for anyone who loves music!

Here is a relevant picture, as well, so this is not just a text blog.

Wow!  Front page on the Audio Portal!