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Bring your dancing shoes!

2011-03-09 07:21:58 by merlin

I proudly present my first song of the year.

Prodigal for me

I know it's very rare to find a song on newgrounds that has original lyrics, and actual words in the song to go with it, and even less common to find one that's actually decent to listen to. I hope that this song can fill both roles for you. So please listen, and let me know what you think, and please tell a friend!

This is the first song since You do it to yourself to rival the style and epicness of my first big newgrounds hit, Land Locked

Also, if you haven't already, check out just kill me now and submit an embarrassing story for everyone to read!



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2011-03-09 22:11:44

Sounding good!!

...also, hi :D

merlin responds:

Thanks so much, Renae! Did your number change? I tried to say hi a little while ago. I just assumed you were busy. So how have you been? I miss you!


2011-03-10 22:15:54

Nah, it's still the same ...but I rarely get or make calls/text, so I just never have my phone on! lol

I know, I'm lame... sorry :(

So what's new? How ya been?!? lol


2011-03-22 22:10:57

I BROUGHT MY ANUS????????? We need to chat. I have something in mind musical wise that I think you can pull off .........or pull out on my lower back so I don't get prego.

merlin responds:

Hit me up some time, yo. Get my number from Shannon or something. If you still have my number, it hasn't changed. Also, nipple shit.


2011-06-04 13:50:55