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Very smooth and professional sounding. I hardly ever log in anymore, but I'm inspired to see you're still releasing new music.


vibe-newgrounds responds:

Thank you. Actually, I still have a lot of unreleased music. :)

Very nice

For what type of song it is, you hit it right where you needed to. Sort of wish it was a little longer, but I can totally see how it probably would have lost some of its charm if it was. It also has too much silence at the end to loop smoothly.

What about some vocals, HMMMM?!

Very emotional.

I love the 80s feel to it, both with the guitar, and the synth strings and drums. aptly advertised as ballad. I can almost see you on stage, spotlight, with your head down, hair over your face, rocking it like a pro.

I know you're a professional musician and all, but this song is beyond the skill of whats normal for newgrounds. You've had a few tough spots in your life, and I'd be able to tell just from hearing this song, as opposed to if you were never gracious enough to share the harder parts of your life with us.

I'm sorry I don't have any real criticism for the song. I feel like it's beyond what I'm capable of creating. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy this song. +fav, and I'm putting it on my ipod when I get home.

sorohanro responds:

Thank you for the fantastic review :)
It was a very hard task to get the drums right (with a 80s feel). The trick is a gated reverb (like in Berlin-"Take My Breath Away", Roxette-"It Must Have Been Love"...ok that's more like early 90s).

I'm sure that this is not "beyond what I'm capable of creating" :) You'll have even better stuff :)

Whoa dude

I like this one a lot more than the other mix. Great job.

The-iMortal responds:

Thanks, mate!

Dang dude

I was going down the list in the thread, listening to each song, skipping around to get a feel what the competition was putting out, and I stopped to listen to yours in its entirety. Very professional line up of how it happened. I think the mixing is a little helter in a few parts. I'm not saying you need to fix it, but maybe be open to fuck around with the mixer.


Kaizerwolf responds:

Yeah the mixing is kinda off, but I'm done with it for now. :)

Gets a bit repeditive

Not bad sounding, but you used the same drum sample the entire song, with slight variations other than that. I have a feeling you'd be good at transitioning songs, but this one stays the same. I'll try and check out some of your other stuff.



Seems a bit cheesy. The hornish synth lead gets a bit annoying and repetitive, and the more I hear it, the lesser quality it seems to retain. Good track over all feels a bit lacking in the mid range. Solid 8/10, 5/5. Good work.



I wouldn't say this is particularly memorable, or that it has the best transitions, but it's not a bad start by any means. Keep making tracks, keep improving. You get about 1% better each time you make a track. So keep giving it your all, and I'm sure you'll become great!


MadameLeota responds:

Will Do! Thanks for the comment!

Nice pipes, dude.

I'm almost positive you're not supposed to upload a song that you didn't create. Covers are fine, but I do believe you used the original backing track, which is a big nono. That aside, what country are you from? I hear an accent, and I like it. And I gotta say man, you can sing really well. You should cruise over to the audio portal forum, and I guarantee you'd have no trouble finding someone to let you sing on their original track for.


Infernov responds:

Much apreciatted, I wasn't sure if it was an OST cause the quality isn't rerally good, yet I hope to change it soon with a diferent melody.

I'm from Mexico, so I guess that's what gives me an accent, lol.
Thanks again!


I found this after reviewing one of your other songs. I've got to say, this is a very quality piece. I love the effect you used for your guitar. It gives it that 80s ballad feel to it. The ending seemed a little abrupt to me, but I really do like this song. +fav


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